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How can I add a new module or inverter?
How can I add a new module or inverter?

Don't see the module or inverter you're looking for? Find out how you can have it added to our database!

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If you don't see the module or inverter you're looking for in our database, send us a message through the blue messenger button in the bottom-righthand corner of the app! We'll do our best to add it to our database within about 24 hours.

In your message, be sure to let us know the exact make and model number of the component you're looking for. If you have a manufacturer specification sheet that you can attach, this is also helpful so that we can be sure we're adding the component you'd like to use.

Please note that while we do our best to update our database with requested components, the number of different solar technologies on the market is rapidly growing, and we are not able to immediately support every type of requested product. Check out our development roadmap and take this quick survey to help us prioritize our development efforts.

Also, given our focus on better serving grid-tied, residential-scale design work, SolarDesignTool does not carry support for:

  • Commercial-scale equipment such as three-phase inverters (why?)

  • Off-grid equipment

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