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What size system can I design with SolarDesignTool?
What size system can I design with SolarDesignTool?
The target range of SolarDesignTool's design capabilities
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SolarDesignTool is geared toward designing grid-tied, single-phase, residential-scale PV systems in the United States.

The vast majority of projects which users create in SolarDesignTool are 5-30kW. This range is a bit of a "sweet spot" for the app in terms of equipment that we support, and the limits of what the app is capable of. However, you can still generate most other documents for larger systems, such as a System Datasheet, Concept Designs, and other reports.

We do not recommend using SolarDesignTool for designing systems larger than 75kW.


  • Maximum site size that can be defined with the Aerial Trace Tool is 9000 sq. ft.

  • Maximum DC system size for which BOS configuration is available is 30kW.

  • Maximum output current for BOS configuration is 200A/1.25 (which caps the OCPD at 200A).

  • Maximum number of inverters for SLD generation is two (2) inverters, with up to four (4) strings per inverter.

  • Maximum number of inverters for BOS configuration is four (4) inverters.

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