Something seem amiss?

If you think you've found a bug or other issue with the SolarDesignTool app, here are some tips which will help us get right down to fixing the problem.

  • Describe the issue: If you think you've found an error, describe what specifically you're encountering. For example, if the issue is that a logo is not appearing on a certain document, let us know which document you're having trouble with, and which logo isn't showing up (if you have multiple logos uploaded). Or if the issue is that a message pops up telling you that an error occurred, please let us know what you clicked on which resulted in the message. 

  • Provide a link to the relevant project: If, for instance, you’re unable to generate a single-line diagram, send us the name of the project, or the project URL (this will end in a unique 5-digit code, such as If the project contains multiple designs, let us know which one you’re experiencing the issue on. 

  • Let us know what steps resulted in the issue: If you know that you encounter an error message every time you, say, try to delete a string from a particular design, providing us with this added detail will make it much easier for us to diagnose and fix the problem. The more detail you provide, the better we’re able to help!

  • Include screenshots or screen recordings: If your computer has the ability to take screenshots or screen recordings, these are helpful to include so that we can see exactly what you’re doing when you encounter the issue. You can attach screenshots, videos and relevant project documents directly through the blue-and-white messenger button in the bottom right of the SolarDesignTool app. 

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