(Re)arranging Modules

Learn how to adjust module placement, move the array, and relocate modules from one installation area to another.

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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to:

  • Arrange modules

  • Move an array

  • Move modules between installation areas

As you probably noticed when we were navigating the system builder, as we add strings to our installation area, the spaces where modules populate are filled in automatically. Typically this takes the pattern of filling in the top-most row, from left to right, and then on to the next highest row, and on and on.

An example with 8 out of 16 available module spaces filled in.

An example with 12 out of 16 available module spaces filled in.

So, what if we want to rearrange where these modules are on the roof? We use the Array Editor.

Arrange Modules

To access the Array Editor, we'll save our design once we're happy with the stringing configuration in our design. We can move modules with the Array Editor, but not add or remove modules (if you want to change the number of modules in the system or rotate them from Portrait to Landscape, you'll need to go back to the System Builder).

Once we save our design, we'll be taken back to the project's main page. To find the Array Editor, scroll down the project page toward the bottom and click on Arrange Modules

Note: We want to make sure that our Design Options are set to the "System" tab in order to view the "Arrange Modules" button.

Once we open the Array Editor, we'll be taken to the following page.

From here, we can move any of the modules shown to any of the "open" module slots, indicated by the white rectangular outlines marked with an X.

If we want to move the highlighted module to the indicated position, all we have to do is click on it and drag it into its new spot. 

Note: Sometimes the tool here can be a bit "sticky," but it shouldn't cause too many issues. Try reloading the page if you encounter any serious issues. 

Moving an Array

Let's say we want to adjust the position of the entire array, instead of moving an individual module around. We can use the Array Editor to do that too. 

First, arrange the modules into the array shape that you would like, then select "Hide empty spaces."

Once we've done this, we can use the Array Positioner tool on the left side of the page to move the array up, down, left or right by an adjustable distance.

Moving Modules Between Roof Faces

Let's say we've designed a system but we don't have the desired number of modules on each of our installation areas (e.g. What If we want to move four modules from one roof to another?)

Fortunately, as long as there is at least one module on an installation area, we can relocate modules from one to another.

So how do we do this?

Instead of moving modules into an open module space, we're going to move them into the Non-Positioned Modules space at the bottom of the screen.

Once we have the number of modules we'd like to move placed in the Non-Positioned space, we'll save our layout to return to the project's main page. 

If we scroll back down to the Module Layouts area, we can see that the Tool is telling us that we have some non-positioned modules. 

If we want to move them onto a different roof, all we have to do is open up the "Arrange Modules" page for the appropriate installation area, and then drag the modules onto their new home.

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