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Changing Conduit & Conductor Sizes
Changing Conduit & Conductor Sizes

Tips for adjusting SolarDesignTool's automated conduit and conductor sizing

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After we've added the BOS components to our project, we can take a look at
changing our conduit & conductor sizes

One of SolarDesignTool's great features is that it automatically sizes conduits and conductors after we add the BOS. Sometimes, however, we may want to use different values than what SolarDesignTool suggests, or adjust a value once we have more relevant information. In such cases, we can use the "Change Conductor/Conduit Sizes" editor. 

From this menu we can make adjustments to the OCPD rating, conductor type & sizes, conduit diameter, length values and more.

Depending on our adjustments, we can even see SolarDesignTool take these new calculations into consideration in real time (indicated by the green flashing). To save changes, hit the green "Save" button.

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