We recently launched our first wave of energy storage options for SolarDesignTool! This first round of options only represents a portion of what we'll eventually be supporting, with more equipment and configurations supported in the coming months.

In this tutorial we'll be addressing:

  • What equipment we support

  • How to add energy storage to your design

  • How to pass through the BOS menu for your energy storage design

So, what does this first wave of energy support options include? What are the limitations?

Generac PWRcell

  • 1-2 ESS battery cabinets

  • Self-consumption (no full-backup)

  • 2 inverter systems where only one inverter is feeding a 100A backup panel (but conductors are sized based on 50A OCPD in Generac inverter)

  • Up to 5 strings. We automatically combine strings with y-connectors when strings are on same roof or to reduce the number of strings feeding into the limited number of bi-directional inputs on the Generac inverter.

Solar Edge Energy Hub

  • No battery (to be added later)

  • 1-2 LG Chem ES systems, self-consumption or partial home backup

  • 1-2 inverters feeding a SolarEdge Backup Interface Unit (BUI)

  • Load side interconnection (using BUI with no main breaker)

  • Supply side connection using BUI with 200 main breaker and large gauge wire (for future upgrade to full home backup later)

  • Supply side connection using BUI with no main breaker and a fused 100A disconnect

Sol-Ark with Storz

  • Support for Storz AI+ 50A and AI+ 70A Smart Access configurations, self-consumption or partial home backup

  • Up to 4 strings

How can I add energy storage options to my design?

During the design process, you'll be able to select your energy storage option in the System Builder/Edit Module-Inverter menu.

You can read more about the basics of the System Builder menu right here.

When searching for the inverter you want to use, you can type "battery," or the name of the specific model you're looking to use, (e.g. Generac PWRCell 12, Solar Edge 7600H w/ LG, Storz... etc.)

After selecting an appropriate module and inverter, you can select the string configuration, like you see in this example screenshot using Generac equipment.

After Saving your design, you'll want to proceed through the Balance of System menu.

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