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Adding Equipment Locations
Adding Equipment Locations

How to specify your Main Service Panel, Utility Meter, Gas Meter & Sub panel locations

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There are a couple of ways to add Equipment Locations to your design. The first way we can add them, is as we go through the Aerial Trace menu like we see in this tutorial in the "Specifying Equipment Locations" step.

If we haven't added our equipment locations during the Aerial Trace process, we can always go back into that menu after continuing our design by selecting "Equip. Locations" underneath the Site Image.

Alternately, this can be specified before adding the BOS Components.

Locating Equipment

In order to place the equipment locations, just click and drag the Utility Meter and Main Service Panel (MSP) icons over the installation area with a mouse. 

Be sure to specify whether your MSP is Indoor or Outdoor.

We'll be able to specify the locations of other equipment such as inverters, disconnects and junction boxes at a later step.

Note: need to add a subpanel to your project? See this tutorial.

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