February 2019 Update

MSP upgrades, subpanels, supply-side devices, and more!

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New Capabilities & Features

Electrical Interconnection Options

  • MSP upgrades

  • Supply-side connection to auxiliary input of a solar-ready panel

  • Load-side tie-in to a subpanel (MLO or with a main breaker)

  • Supply-side connector devices (i.e. ConnectDER meter collar)

  • Ability to specify the supply-side connection location

  • Ability to specify a two-position meter base for supply-side connections

Other Features

  • Ability to change the order of production meter and PV disconnect

Electrical Interconnection Options

Interconnection options galore! With this update, we aimed to add more electrical BOS customization to expand the range of interconnection scenarios the app can support.

MSP Upgrades

A load-side tie-in to an upgraded MSP can now be specified in the BOS wizard. Choose the "Main Panel Upgrade" option and input the specifications for the upgraded MSP.

On the SLD, the specifications for the upgraded MSP will be displayed, along with a note denoting that it is new equipment.

Supply-Side Auxiliary Input to Solar-Ready Panel

A solar-ready MSP with an auxiliary input can also be specified. Indicate the input rating of the supply-side auxiliary input in the BOS wizard.

The supply-side auxiliary input will be represented on the SLD as follows: 

Note: If you specify an auxiliary input, but the PV system design is such that a standard load-side tie-in would suffice, the app will automatically show a load-side MSP tie-in on the SLD.


If there is a subpanel on the property, you can specify its parameters in the Project Info.

After inputting the subpanel parameters, the "Subpanel Tie-in" option will become available in the BOS wizard if the subpanel specifications are compatible with the PV system design.

Note: Derating the subpanel is not supported at this time. 

The subpanel will be represented on the SLD as follows:

Supply-Side Connector Devices

Supply-side connector devices, such as the ConnectDER meter collar, can now be specified. Choose the 4-jaw or 5-jaw variant of the Simple or Smart ConnectDER.

Note: The meter collar option will only be available in jurisdictions that have approved them. If your AHJ and/or utility accepts meter collars, but you do not see the options, please send us a message. 

The ConnectDER meter collar will be represented on the SLD as follows:

Supply-Side Connection Location

It is now possible to specify the location of a supply-side connection with more detail. The options are:

  • Inside panelboard

  • Unspecified

  • Utility meter

A supply-side connection inside panelboard will be represented on the SLD as follows:

An unspecified supply-side connection location will be represented on the SLD as follows:

A supply-side connection at utility meter will be represented on the SLD as follows:

Two-Position Meter Base

With a supply-side connection at the utility meter, you can optionally specify a two-position meter base, as required by some utility companies or AHJs.

A supply-side connection at utility meter with a two-position meter base will be represented on the SLD as follows:

Other Features

Re-Order the Production Meter and PV Disconnect

Users now have more control over the order of the production meter.

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