January 2018 Update

Complete permit packages, sales documents, and more!

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New Capabilities & Features

PV Documents

  • Complete permit packages, including attachment plans and details

  • Concept design plans

  • Stylish system datasheets

Site Definition

  • Ability to specify equipment locations

  • Auto-calculated wire distances

  • Auto-squaring roof faces

System Design

  • Racking configuration & BOM support for IronRidge Pitched Roof, SnapNRack 100 Series, Unirac SolarMount, & QuickmountPV attachment hardware

  • Auto-inclusion of accessories for Enphase IQ microinverters

Other Features

  • Project search

PV Documents

Generate Complete Permit Packages With One Click!

With the new release, you can now download complete, permit-ready document packages! Included in the permit package is a cover page, a site plan, a single-line diagram, a placards page, an attachment plan, an attachment detail, a fire safety plan, and any applicable data sheets and certifications. Everything you need to quickly and easily pull a residential solar permit and begin installing!

Concept Design Plans

Concept designs are an 11x17" sales-oriented document showing the array layout, equipment locations, and basic system specifications.

Stylish System Datasheets

System datasheets are another sales document containing an overview of the array layout, equipment locations, system specifications, a list of BOS components, and other array properties. SolarDesignTool will automatically use your company logo to generate a custom color scheme, or you can specify your own. There is ample room to include your contact information, system highlights, company highlights, and/or a sales pitch.

Site Definition

Specify Equipment Locations

You are now able to specify the locations of inverters, combiners, disconnects, service panels, meters, roof access points, and all other equipment within SolarDesignTool.

Auto-Calculated Wire Distances

After specifying equipment locations, SolarDesignTool will automatically calculate the distances for each wire run.

Auto-Squaring Roof Faces

After tracing a roof face from an aerial image, SolarDesignTool will now square the face automatically, if the geometry is off by ±4° or less (otherwise, you will need to manually edit the boundaries, as was the case previously).

System Design

Racking Configuration & BOM Support For:

  • IronRidge Pitched Roof

  • SnapNRack 100 Series

  • Unirac SolarMount

  • QuickmountPV Attachment Hardware

When building a system using IronRidge Pitched Roof, SnapNRack 100 Series, or Unirac SolarMount, combined with select QuickmountPV attachment hardware, SolarDesignTool will generate a complete BOM for all racking hardware needed.

Note: The January 2018 update brings support for mounting configurations, attachment plans, and attachment details for sloped rooftop mounts only. Flat roofs and ground mounts are not currently supported at this time. We plan to add support for mounting configurations, attachment plans, and attachment details for flat roofs and ground mounts in future versions of SolarDesignTool.

Auto-Inclusion of Accessories for Enphase IQ Microinverters

When building a system using Enphase IQ microinverters, SolarDesignTool will automatically include related accessories in the BOM.

Other Features

Quickly find the project you're looking for without all the scrolling. Search for projects on a range of criteria, such as the project name, address, system size, and many others.

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